Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fire Evacuation Video by Michael, 4

This video was sent to me by Greg from Everyday EMS Tips.

Greg shared with me that over the weekend he and his son, Michael, 4, picked up the free book, "The Great Safety Adventure Home Safety Fun Book" by the Home Safety Council at Lowes.
Michael was paging through the book doing the coloring activities and asked his mom about the activity "Fire Escape Plan Worksheet." They read the instructions and did the activity together last night. Michael was very proud to show his plan to his when he was done.

Greg is a paramedic and his wife is an ER nurse so they find it only natural for to talk to their children about fire safety and prevention.

Michael says, "To learn more about safety and injury prevention visit my Dad's website http://everydayemstips.com"

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