Thursday, August 6, 2009 visits the PARADE Conference

The Prevention Advocacy Resources and Data Exchange (PARADE) program is a regionally based network designed to foster the exchange of fire-related prevention/ protection information and resources among Federal, State, and local levels of government. The PARADE network is modeled in approach and mechanism after the National Fire Academy's highly successful TRADE (Training Resources and Data Exchange) program.

PARADE was initiated in 2003 to better assist the Nation's fire marshals in implementing effective prevention programs and materials and to conduct other networking activities. The collaborative relationship between the USFA and the PARADE network enables the prevention/mitigation/risk-reduction community to better address issues of safety for the American people.

The PARADE network consists of the 50 State Fire Marshals, fire marshals from the Nation's largest fire departments, and one representative from each of the 10 Federal regions appointed by International Fire Marshals Association (IFMA) leadership to represent smaller jurisdictions. Metropolitan fire department PARADE representatives are from the largest fire departments in each State or those fire departments that protect populations greater than 200,000, and/or have more than 400 uniformed personnel.

The next National PARADE conference is scheduled for Spring 2011 on the Emmitsburg, Maryland campus.

To learn more about PARADE, click HERE.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 Interviews Dr. Angela Mickalide from the Home Safety Council

Fires and burns are a big problem in America for preschool-aged children. Each year, thousands are injured or killed from accidents in the home that could be prevented. The Home Safety Council has teamed up with Weekly Reader Custom Publishing on Start Safe: A Fire and Burn Safety Program for Preschoolers and their Families. recently visited with Dr. Angela Mickalide from the Home Safety Council to learn more about this important program.

To learn more about the Start Safe Program, click HERE.