Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Children's Fire Safety Webpages Launched Press Release

Clarksville, AR-- Two children’s fire safety websites have been launched for children and their caregivers by Fire Safety Educator Dayna Hilton. The Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog and Firefighter Dayna websites are designed to share valuable fire safety tips in a fun and interactive way.

"According to the United States Fire Administration, the very young (those under 5) have a much greater risk of death than other children. In fact, that age group accounts for 12% of [all] fire related deaths – the highest proportion for any age group,” said Hilton. She went on to say that the site is geared toward that age group as well as children up to age eight and their caregivers.

Hilton described the sites stating, “Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog loves helping teach fire safety and her website ( features activities for children, including fire safety videos, activity sheets, fire safety tips and much more.”

She went on, “Children can meet Sparkles’ friends and see photos of Sparkles at work and at play. Children are welcome to submit their fire safety videos and coloring pages to Sparkles, send Sparkles a fire safety question, or ask Sparkles a question about being a fire safety dog or a firefighter.”

Hilton shared that Firefighter Dayna’s website (, “is an interactive fire safety site for children and their caregivers that includes fire safety videos, coloring pages, activity pages, fire safety craft ideas and much more.”

In addition, “Children are invited to submit their videos, coloring pages and fire safety craft ideas. Children are welcome to send fire safety related questions and Firefighter Dayna will individually answer each question” according to Hilton.

To learn more, contact Firefighter Dayna Hilton at

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